Tools, Tapes and Grip Fitting Equipment

Whether you're regripping for the first time or you're a seasoned club builder, having the right tools makes all the difference. If you're looking for convenience consider the pre-cut grip strips to cut down on prep time. Or if you're looking for security have a look at the rubber vice clamps to securely lock your clubhead in place without fear of damage (hosel protectors will further protect your club from scratches during any shaft removal).

Regripping Tape & Solvents

Water and solvent adhesive tapes can be used for affixing golf club grips. If you have solvent activated grip tape ensure you use grip solvent or white spirit to activate the adhesive. Extra tape can be applied to build up the thickness of finished fitted grip (check out our guide to sizing your grip thickness with grip tape).

grip tape
regripping golf club

Blades, Clamps & Tools

There are a handful of tools that make the re-gripping process easier. Some you may already have handy like a hooked blade for removing grips or a table vice to hold the golf club in place. Check out the tools we use below to make re-gripping as efficient as possible.

Now you've got the gear check out our step-by-step guide to regripping your golf clubs! It's a simple and satisfying process with proven results at little cost.