Grip Size – Make Sure Your Next Golf Grip Fits

The proper grip size plays a significant role in a golfers' ability to control the club and in turn, the ball flight. With a neutral (standard) grip size, the golfer can normally return the clubface square to the target at impact. If the grip is too large this can limit the players ability to release the wrists through impact causing a block of fade (ball curving in flight), and If the grip is too small it can cause early release resulting in a pull or draw.

A draw shot curves from the player's right to their left while in flight, a fade shot moves in the opposite direction from left to right (for right handed golfers).

Your golf grip size can be used to your advantage if your normal swing produces undesired draw or fade that you wish to correct, or simply assist in choosing a grip that will properly fit your hands.

Choosing your Grip Size

A smaller grip would benefit:
  • A player with small(er) hands
  • A player who consistently fades or slices or  the ball
  • A player who requires more clubhead 'feel'
  • A player whose fingers do not fully encircle the grip

E.g Ladies or undersize

A larger grip would benefit:
  • A player with large(r) hands
  • A player who consistently draws or hooks the ball
  • A player with arthritis who struggles to hold a smaller grip
  • A player whose fingers wrap round the grip and dig into their palm

E.g Midsize, jumbo or a standard grip built up with grip tape

The Professional Approach

Follow these instructions to measure your hand, then check your measurements against the chart below for an accurate fit

Using an inch ruler/tape (because the majority of grips are produced by American companies, inches are still used as a standard)

  1. Measure the distance between the Dominant Wrist Crease and the tip of the longest finger (see picture 1)
  2. Next measure the length of the longest finger from the web to the tip (see picture 2)

Now with a note of your measurements, refer to the chart and instructions below

grip size hand measurement

grip size chart

This chart gives your ideal grip size taken from your measurement and also how to achieve the correct size grip.

  1. First of all take your first measurement (wrist crease to tip of finger) and find the block in the chart under 'Measurement 1' your measurement falls into.
  2. Then reading left to right along the chart, find your second measurement (finger web to tip).
  3. To the right of this block will read the grip size plus the total number of wraps of grip tape required to build up the shaft butt to achieve your recommended size grip

Following this guide will help you choose a grip that will fit comfortably in your hands, allowing you to focus less on your grip and more on the rest of your swing. Now you know what size grip you need, check out the range of golf grips available!

Is this your first time replacing the grips on your golf clubs? Take a look at our re-gripping guide!

If you've followed this sizing guide correctly and are still experiencing any pain or discomfort when holding your clubs it's probably a good idea to speak to a physiotherapist. Click here for more information about golf injuries.