Lamkin Grips

Lamkin Crossline®

Our best selling grip, the Lamkin Crossline is well recognised on golf courses around the world, and for good reason. The proprietary corded rubber compound creates excellent tack and promotes a lighter grip feel. An extremely durable grip you can expect it to last you throughout the season without wear. Check out the offer on a full set for extra economy.

Lamkin Crossline Golf Grip

Lamkin Comfort Plus

The Lamkin Comfort Plus grip utilises the new DSX material for a softer grip feel. Featuring a reduced-taper profile alongside a broader lower hand and shallow micro-texture pattern encourage a comfortable and effective light-pressure grip.

Lamkin Sink Squared Putter Grip

This lightweight putter grip with it's pronounced pistol profile ensures the upper hand is positioned in a more relaxed and stress-reducing angle. With this alignment, the wrists are stabilized and movement is inhibited, allowing for a more fluid and consistent stroke guided by the upper arms and shoulders.