Your Putter Grip Could Be The Problem With Your Putting Performance

One obvious reason to replace your putter grip is because you're not finding consistent success with the putter. Rather than going out and spending a couple hundred hours practicing with a brand new putter (and the cost!) try regripping your putter to change the way your putter looks, the way it feels, the way it behaves, and the way it acts. You can seriously transform your putter by simply putting a new grip on.

Another reason to change your putter grip is maybe you’re just not putting well, and you want to get a different feel in your hands. We’re a big fan of the Golf Pride Tour SNSR putter grip for this purpose. If you’ve never held this putter grip what will happen for you is you will get a little bit more touch, you’ll get a little bit more feel and you’ll calm down the amount of face rotation you’ll get in that putter face because the grip is a little bit thicker.

Putter Grips: Straight vs. Contoured

The Tour SNSR comes in two different styles - straight and contoured. The straight grip comes in 104 midsize and 140 oversize (check out the grip sizing guide) but for us the real magic comes from the contoured, or pistol putter grip.

You can see with the pistol putter grip there’s a little flare at the back, that flare is something we really love and the reason being is that when you hold the putter properly with it sunk into the palm of your hand, there’s always going to be a little space created between your pinky finger and the grip. What the flare does, and particularly when you get into the bigger grips, is it makes that little space go away.

That's why we like this grip so much better, because all parts of the skin of your hands are in contact with the grip at all times. We find that just gives us excellent club feel, improving putting performance overall, and this thicker style putter grip also helps to calm down the putter face.

So if your putting performance has been inconsistent or disappointing of late then try treating your putter to a new putter grip and feel the difference.

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