Putting Grip – An Alternative Hold to Improve Feel

alternative putting gripA common problem golfers face lies with their putting grip - when putting the right wrist breaks down on the backstroke, causing the putter face to open too much leading to inconsistency. One way to address this is to try an unconventional grip; put your right forefinger down the shaft to stabilise the wrist.

If you’re wondering how legitimate this grip is Brooks Koepka used this alternative putting grip to win the 2017 US Open and in the video below you can see how he extends his right forefinger down the shaft when putting:

Why is this putting grip effective?

Putting pressure on the shaft through your forefinger forces the angle of the right wrist to stay the same during the backstroke, resulting in the club face being more square when it meets the ball and the backstroke becomes shorter.

Using a putter with a whippy shaft you can see shaft load being generated and released. However even stiffer putters with steel shafts bend a little bit and create the energy of shaft load. You should focus your technique on releasing this load through the ball to create a better, more predictable roll.

With your finger down the shaft you’ll also feel the load on your finger tip compared to using a conventional grip where you only feel the load just beneath the grip. Feeling the load through your finger tip allows tighter control and puts your more in tune with your club, improving the consistency and reliability of your delivery.

putting grip closeupQuick tips to help you with this grip

  • Make sure you bend your right fore finger so you can place your fingertip on the back of the shaft.
  • Put enough pressure on your fingertip so you lock your right wrist.

To summarise

  • Consistency: This alternative grip stabilizes the putter face by bracing the right wrist
  • Delivery: This grip creates putter shaft load to improve ball roll
  • Control: Increased feel of shaft load when using this grip to putt gives better distance control

Try this alternative putting grip the next time you're out with your clubs and see what it can do for your short game. If you're still not happy with the results have you considered replacing your putter grip?

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