Lamkin Grips for 2018 Revealed at the PGA Show

pga show 2018The PGA show hosts industry and PGA professionals and was held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando this year. The show attracted more than 40,000 golf industry professionals and here's a glimpse at the Lamkin grips unveiled for the 2018 season.

 Alongside the next iteration of the classic Players Cord (now featuring a slightly softer feel compared to other corded grips and a red line to aid alignment) Lamkin have introduced some innovative new grips to build on their range.

lamkin grips New Lamkin Grips

The Lamkin Crossline 1150 is an 11.5" grip that has been designed to allow you to bring your hands further down the shaft, providing greater control over wedge shots.

The Lamkin Sonar grip features intricate micro textures on the surface that give a medium-soft feel with an excellent grip thanks to the design of the indentations on the surface and the hybrid compound material.

The Lamkin TS1 is a mid-firm grip option comprised of a dual compound construction. The micro-textures and surface patterns are designed to give you better feel and control.

The Lamkin Comfort Plus is designed to be the armchair of golf grips, utilising a new blend of the DSX material creates a very soft and comfortable grip with the micro textures creating a tacky surface.

It's also worth mentioning all of the new Lamkin grips are slightly thicker towards the bottom thanks to a reduced taper design

Lamkin had a great year in 2017 with their grips in the hands of tour winners around the world. Justin Rose is among the strongest advocates of Lamkin grips. Justin employs the classic Crossline grips on his clubs and the Flat Cat putter grip to great effect, placing first at the World Golf Championships in October. 

Well that's the roundup of what 2018 will bring for Lamkin! Will you be rushing out to update the grips on your clubs and have you considered regripping yourself?

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