Grip Problems That Could Hinder Your Golf Swing

grip problems broke my club

Everybody holds a golf club differently but there are a few common grip problems that many people face. Here’s a quick tip for the 3 most common ways that your grip might be hindering your golf swing.

3 Common Grip Problems

  1. When it comes to grip problems the most common is the club getting too high in the lead hand. This causes the shaft to become quite vertical and the club to run along the palm near the thumb and missing out contact with the fingers. This grip can be useful for a tight putting motion but for when you need to open up on shot by getting that club around the body it’s simply not going to be very dynamic weakening your shots and release.
  2. Another of the most common grip problems is the deep interlock; many people like to use a lightly interlocking grip (when the lead index and trailing pinky finger intertwines) to help with club feel and consistent hand placement. However when the grip becomes tightened and the fingers get really jammed together, this creates no freedom in the grip and causes it to sit in poor contact with the palm. This stiffens up your whole swing profile leading to weaker shots.
  3. The last one to look out for is the rotating trail hand. If your trail hand rotates too much and wraps too far over the clubhead this will cause problems. You may find yourself consistently slicing the ball or delivering a high weak ball flight. Holding the club like this adds loft to the club face as it approaches the ball which then takes a lot more effort to square up. If you don’t get it squared up during the swing it will cause a slice shot or create a high weak ball trajectory.

It Never Hurts to Practice!

So look out for these common grip problems the next time you tee-off! If you’re having trouble finding a consistent, comfortable and effective grip check out this grip drill to square up your clubface.

If you’re finding you club uncomfortable to hold are you sure you’re using the right size grip? We have a guide available for to help you choose a grip size and you might find building up you grip with a few layers of grip tape helps.

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